Monday, January 11, 2010

Merits and Demerits of computer

Everything's has its good and bad also has some good and bad becomes the essential and important things now with out computer any modern things is not possible everything is connected with computer.It becomes the heart in science and technology like in other business,industry, educational field but also it has some bad and good aspects which are describing below.Good aspects are that computer become the milestone in the field of business, industrialisation sector and in science and technology computer can find the thief and killer through fingerprint.Writing,drawing and designing are some of the things that a computer is capable of.We can also take the video of our inner part of the body.Scientist can test a new medicine on computer.The computer does all the space researchof sending spacecrafts to the moon and other can make person alive who is dead and it becomes the entertainment factor also we can watch movie, play games ,listen music or also in animation etc.There is high demand of computer in the present market.Computer do thework fast than the human hand in drawing,writing,designing etc. the one computer can do the work 10times faster than human hands so that there is less demand of manpower in present market but the mouth are increase day by day so that the workers are decreasing day by day in every sector.Due to the excess use of computer many problem will arise on our eyes due to the rays coming from computer.many children spend their valuable time by playing games in the computer,and elders also spend their time by watching movies and listening music that not only has its good things but it also has bad aspects.

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